Taiwan Tour 2014


Visiting Taichung, Taipei, Taitung, Taichung, Hualian City, Tiehua, and Taoyuan. 

Thanks to 天主教會台中教區 Roman Catholic Diocese of Taichung and Yinguyu Avai Yatauyungana for inviting us to their country.

Who is Obie One B.A.?

"REAL LIFE, REAL MUSIC" narrated by Obie One B.A.  

“Real Life, Real Music” is a short, independent behind-the-scenes documentary film by Kendal Tomasin Productions about Obie One B.A.'s journey. When asked about the film, here’s what Obie had to say: “Life is about improvement, elevation, and divine destiny. Normally your transportation will take you to your destination, but your destination will not take you to your destiny. No matter how long it may take for you to get there, do not get stuck at the pit stop. I’m at the Marta Stop waiting for my bus to come, but preparing for my ultimate destination.”

Swaziland, South Africa Tour 2011

Special thanks to www.heartforafrica.org

Nassau, Bahamas Tour 2009

Youth Alive at Myles Munroe's (Bahamas Faith Ministries).
Lead by Pastor Dave Burrows. Knock Down, Walk Wit Me, and Fan Interviews.

Music Reviews

"We thought your tracks had rousing energy that moved us as listeners. You sound confident in your musical skills and the parts you're playing. We think your rhythmic elements on this release can hang with the best of them. Tight, clean and interesting playing. Crafting interesting lyrics is hard and a completely different art than writing the music. Clearly you've put some thought into your lyrics. Good work."— Hello Music

 "Nice work! U definitely got what it takes to be a big name in your industry. I really enjoyed your production. Lots of energy, crowd participation and showmanship! keep doing your thing , u are right there! and must i say, u have a following, i would like to work with you on your project. hit me up when u got a sec." -Big Dino, METRO BOYZ ENTERTAINMENT

Listening to this album made me want to kick back and just chill. The production sets the tone for the album. Some music makes you want to dance, some music makes you want to sing, some music makes you want to fight (lol), but Real Life Real Music has a real laid back sentiment to it. The majority of the beats selected could have easily been used on an R&B project. There are multiple guest features and vocalist that align with the production on album. There are a few different producers on this album but the majority of the album was produced by KT Productions. My personal favorites (production wise) are Walk With Me and Unconditionally. If you want to hear Obie's story all you have to do is listen to this album. You will hear about his trails, his battles with sin and a little bit about the Freaky Twins (lol). I think that was a previous alias before he received his salvation. This album is all about realizing that sin is not the answer and Jesus is the right answer. In A Song Like This , Obie and Chinua Hawk sing, give your problems to God and kiss them all goodbye . Obie has another interesting song called Knock Down where he calls out all the popular secular rap artists and recites that he s going to knock them off the charts so that God is held up high on his throne. In the beginning of the song he makes it clear that he is not dissing these artists, he is just letting them know how big his God is. I think Obie did a great job being transparent through his music. That is the only way to truly connect with your audience. I want to also encourage Obie to go deeper with the lyrical content in his music. That was one of the weaker points to the project. The lyrics and the delivery were just subpar for advanced music lover and listener. I personally think this album would be great for an unbeliever or a new convert. This music would allow an unbeliever to see the wrong in their life and encourage them to seek the kingdom of God. It would also strengthen and encourage a new convert because they can relate to similar scenarios, plus the music reassures them that they made the right decision choosing Christ. My favorite track is A Song Like This Revisited.
 --His Image Magazine

The album opens up with an introduction geared towards including everyone, saved and unsaved, into his musical testimony and it works. Obie One BA is a unique artist that isn t shy about letting the world know where God has taken him from. Once the womanizing sinner, Obie One BA has his eye on Christ. The third track A Song Like This featuring Chinua Hawk reflects the struggles with saying no to the things that feel so good while the track Walk Wit Me expresses his resistance for Christian rap in the first place. The party anthem The Reason Why featuring GO2 and produced by KT Productions is a song for all who are not ashamed of being born again. The album is organized in two sections. Songs one through nine are fast paced and is designed to get you up and moving while the rest of the album, songs eleven through twenty switches tone after the interlude and includes love songs to God. Samantha Cardwell adds softness to Cleaning Out My Heart and gives the song more balance. Never Knew expresses how so many of us feel. We come to a point with Christ that we think I never knew love could feel like this . One can listen to this song and it can definitely reflect their own walk with Christ. Overall, Obie One BA offers a solid album that has all the ingredients to impact the Christian hip hop community. I appreciated the fact that the tracks were neatly crafted and lyrics weren t rushed through. Every song is written by Obie One BA and it s obvious it comes from the heart. He sought out collaborators that could bring out the best of every track and most of it works nicely. If the track Knock Down is any indication of what Obie One BA desires to do in the music industry, pick up this album and be on the look out for more to come. --ZoeLife Magazine

On the heels of his much anticipated album,  Real Life Real Music It s My Testimony , Big Mouth Magazine took an in- depth listen to Obie One s testimony. The album boasts 20 tracks of inspirational praise with stellar production and great lyricism that will get you off your feet praising and giving glory. One track that stands out is Knock Down . It is not meant to be taken as a diss record, but rather Obie One sending a message that God is using him as a tool to knock down the barriers of the billboard charts and claim the top spot. Cleaning Out My Heart talks about speaking to the Lord about using his healing hands to cleanse and purify. It features the beautiful voice of Samantha Cardwell which complements the track very well, and provides that much needed inspiration. The album has already made an impact for Obie One. He has been named a recent winner of the Resa Mitchell Gospel Report Awards for Artist of the Year. Making the transition from secular music to gospel was no doubt a blessing for Obie One B.A., because he has adapted to the transition and he is definitely a warrior for Christ. Big Mouth Magazine definitely gives our support to Obie One B.A., and recommends that everyone puts this inspirational album in heavy rotation.
 --Big Mouth Magazine


Real Life, Real Music, It's My Testimony 
Executive Producer: Obafemii (Obie One B.A.) Hawk
Co-Executives: Steve Clark & Kendrick (KT) Thompson
Production: KT Productions, MonstaBeats Productions, N Your Mouth Productions, Fresh From The Bakery/Baked Good Ent., Rapheal Akinyemi & Dean Beresford, NueMusic Ent.
Mixed: One Eighty Records
Mastered: DiscMakers/SoundLab
Studios: One King Flow, One Eighty Records, KT Productions
Photography: Dionne McClure, Imortal Media
Byron L. Broussard appears courtesy of Love Life Ministries
Go2 appears courtesy of One Eighty Records
Samantha Cardwell appears courtesy of S.Cardwell Productions
Chinua Hawk appears courtesy of Chinua Hawk Entertainment
Esha appears courtesy of Aisha Moore